Research Centres

The four Belgian research centres making up the SOCENT consortium are:
The research in the Department of Applied Economics (APEC) is essentially focused on the application of microeconomic and macroeconomic theories to a multitude of phenomenons in society.
Founded in the early 1990s by Pr. Jacques Defourny, the Centre for Social Economy (Centre d’Economie Sociale, or CES) pursues three major goals.
The Centre for European Research in Microfinance (Centre Européen de Recherche en Microfinance, or CERMi) results from the pooling of researchers in microfinance from the Centre Emile Bernheim of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB) and from the Warocqué Research Centre of the Warocqué Business School (Université de Mons – UMONS). CERMi is currently composed of 9 PhD students, 34 associate researchers, and a scientific coordinator.
The CIRTES is an interdisciplinary research centre which aims to analyse non-egalitarian social relations in the world of labour, the effects of these relations on society, and public policies or social practices likely to counter these effects.