Eastern ICSEM Symposium

Eastern ICSEM Symposium

Thank you for an amazing conference!
The recent conference in Wonju was such an amazing experience, from a content perspective, but also from the hospitality provided by the organizers. I learnt so much about Social Enterprise in Asia, but I also made some great contacts, and made new friends and colleagues. This experience provides a foundation I can build on to now incorporate my ICSEM work more formally into my own research agenda.
Suzanne Grant, New Zealand


The “Eastern” ICSEM Symposium took place in Wonju (South Korea) from July 4 to July 6, 2014. It gathered ICSEM partners from (or working on) Asia and the Pacific region.

The first part of the Symposium was integrated in the 3rd International Conference on Social Enterprise in Asia (ICSEA), which was organized in partnership with the EMES Network. The conference, entitled “Searching for Motives, Models, and Measurement”, focused on SE models from various perspectives, and presentations of ICSEM working papers (fourteen in total) thus formed a great deal of the conference’s program. Additional contributions submitted by non-ICSEM (or ICSEM) researchers on the basis of a call for papers were also presented.

The second part of the Symposium gathered only ICSEM partners, on July 6 (during the whole afternoon), to discuss all issues specific to the ICSEM Project.

Wonju, located about 140 km east of Seoul, is one of main cities in the Gangwon Province. It is famous for its strong cooperative movement, which has played an important role in the democratization movement during the dictatorial regime and in local development based on communitarian values. Hometown of the consumers' cooperative movement, Wonju is now developing an inter-cooperative cooperation model, not only among different types of cooperatives but also with various new initiatives in the social economy.

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