2nd General ICSEM Meeting

2nd General ICSEM Meeting

The 2nd General ICSEM Meeting took place in Stockholm (Sweden) on June 27 and 28, 2016. It brought together over 40 Research Partners from 25 countries.

The meeting was hosted by Södertörns högskola, the institution of ICSEM Research Partner in Sweden, and by the Swedish Red Cross.

After a brief presentation, by the Project's Scientific Coordinators, of the development of the ICSEM research community (Research Partners, major events) and current advancement of the Project's first phase (publication of ICSEM Working Papers), Elisabetta Severi, who is in charge of the data collection-related aspects of the Project, presented the current achievements in this field. As of June 2016, data had been collected on some 550 social enterprises, on the basis of a common questionnaire, thus feeding a large international database on SE at the global level.

To conclude this first day of work, ongoing joint publication projects were presented, thus opening the way for the discussions of the second day, which started with a presentation of the guidelines for transversal/comparative papers in special issues or books, before focusing on proposals for transversal and comparative analyses.

ICSEM Research Partners once more brought proof of their highly active involvement in the Project. The exchanges were particularly rich and fruitful; ongoing joint publication projects were considerably enriched by the discussions, and many new joint publications project also emerged from the interactions that took place during this meeting.

To download the Meeting's programme, click here.

A photo album of the ICSEM events in Stockholm is also available here; please note that as the file is quite heavy, it might take a few seconds to open.